Jack is a space cadet that probably paints the future.

When the gods of chaos invaded his dreams, they inspired him to round up his best friends to assist in the creation of the craziest battle game the world has ever seen!
He drew everything that is C&C with hands possessed by a sentient void, and now he passes the time by scratching weird symbols all over his walls, screaming himself into a watchlist on his podcast, and burning a comic book that reappears the next day with more pages in it.

Catch him on instagram:
@jacksandwaffles , @attackthefacts , @getcakedla , @silentprotagonistgames

Mike is a level 42 Bard that doesn’t know any songs.

One morning Jack told him of a zany battle he dreamed about, and Mike wanted to wreck ass too, so they started designing game mechanics, worlds, stories, and tons of fun characters to kick the nards out of each other with! Eventually Mike and his cronies made some music for the commercial, then he made this daggum website. If it doesn’t work right, Mike blames sprites.

You can find him skipping guitars and breaking rocks in Portland, Oregon, and online:
 @QuarkGiant, @e.t.h.e.b.a, @silentprotagonistgames

Adam is Storyteller Supreme of Earth 137.
He lives in the City of Angels, and spends his time acting, writing, and directing his own short films, creating pancake art, and flexing his brain muscles by battling his besties in this awesome board game they created together!
When Jack approached with his dream for C&C, Adam couldn’t wait to help fill out lore, create maps, minions and bosses, and balance the game for maximum epicness.
Find him on insta here:
@aarmstrong137, @getcakedla, @silentprotagonistgames

Sorry, bud.

Might we recommend coolmath.com?

This game contains vulgarity, cartoon violence and some sexually suggestive humor.
It’s crass. It’s crude. It’s mildly rude, dude.
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